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DraftKings CEO Predicts Texas Will Legalize Sports Betting in 2025

The journey to legalize sports betting has been an uphill climb. While some states moved quickly following the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 back in 2018, others have taken their time and have still yet to officially legitimize sports gambling within their jurisdictions.

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What’s interesting is the bipartisan split regarding sports betting, with several states infamously locked into both sides of the aisle pushing back on gambling. For example, while many of the Democratic states in the northeast have already legalized sports betting, California remains adamant against it.

Many red states have also brought sports betting to their borders, but Texas is still weighing the pros and cons. But, many are optimistic about the prospects of gambling in the Lone Star State, including DraftKings CEO Jason Robins, who publicly predicted that Texans will be able to engage in TX sports betting by 2025.

Dallas Mavericks Support a Sign of Things to Come in Texas?

For Texas, a majority Republican state centered around limited government interference and a free market, the legalization of sports betting seems inevitable. Lately, many powerful citizens in the state have worked diligently to try to expedite the seemingly inevitable.

Earlier this year, Mark Cuban, one of the NBA’s most visible and famous team owners, announced that he was going to sell some of his claim to the Dallas Mavericks and become a minority owner. The move raised a lot of questions at first due to Cuban’s presence as a highly involved team owner. The reasoning became clearer over time, though, as Cuban sold to Las Vegas Sands, an ownership group that oversaw the operations of several casinos.

Since their newest acquisition, the new majority ownership group has been extremely active in their pursuit to bring sports betting to the Lone Star State. In the beginning of April 2024, Las Vegas Sands partnered with the Texas Destination Resort Alliance to officially file a petition to legalize gambling in the state. Then, Mavericks part-owner and Las Vegas Sands CEO Miriam Adelson rallied her committee, the Texas Sands PAC, to donate over $1.9 million to Texas House candidates that would support the PAC’s cause to legitimize sports betting.

The Mavericks, who are one win away from the NBA Western Conference Finals, should continue to be a powerful and loud supporter of sports betting, considering that they’re owned by a casino operator. It’s been surmised that Cuban made his sale in part to help bring in Texas online gambling.

Additional Supporters for Texas Sports Betting

The Mavs aren’t alone in their support of sports betting, however. Earlier this year, the Dallas Stars partnered with Prize Picks after a long legal battle. Tillman Fertitta, owner of the Houston Rockets, publicly voiced his desire to bring casinos and a future NHL team to Houston, the latter of which would no doubt benefit from the legalization of sports betting in Texas.

After nearly six years since the repeal of PASPA, Texas has yet to make any legislative progress to legalize sports betting. But with mounting support from powerful parties, including the Dallas Mavericks and other professional sports teams, it seems increasingly inevitable that sports betting will come to the Lone Star State soon.