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Casinos in Dallas

While there aren’t any casinos in Dallas at the moment, this page will explain why that’s the case and how that status could change.

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Casino gambling is largely prohibited in Texas, with the only exception being for operations held on tribal lands. Because there aren’t any federally recognized tribes in the DFW area, you won’t find any casinos in Dallas, save for online social/sweepstakes casinos that aren’t played for money.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at what legal obstacles are keeping casinos from operating in Dallas, as well as what the gambling scene would look like if new legislation permits casino operations in the area.

Are there any land-based casinos in Dallas?

No, there are no land-based casinos in Dallas. Texas laws surrounding gambling are extremely restrictive, and it is only through the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act that casinos are permitted to host gambling operations on tribal lands. Dallas isn’t close enough to any of those lands that casinos could obtain licensure without a massive change in opinion among Texas legislators to allow the practice.

Are any casinos opening in Dallas in the near future?

No, there are no casinos opening in Dallas in the near future. It would take years before brick-and-mortar facilities would be allowed to operate, let alone be built and running because casino gambling isn’t legal in Texas unless it is on tribal land.

During the 2023 legislative session, House Bill 2843 was introduced to legalize casino gambling throughout the state. However, the bill did not advance to a vote before the end of the 2023 session, and since Texas only holds sessions every other year, the next opportunity to legalize would be in 2025.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Texas loses around $3 billion in gambling activity annually to neighboring states.

What types of games could you play at Dallas casinos if any open?

If Dallas casinos were to open tomorrow and instantly hold legal status, it’s likely many of the iconic casino games like blackjack, craps, and roulette would all still be illegal. This is because the only legal casinos in Texas are Class II betting facilities; only Class III operations are permitted to host those games.

Instead, these are the games you’d be more likely to see early on at Dallas casinos.

  • Bingo: Believe it or not, bingo isn’t fully legalized in Texas. Referendums have passed in most Texas counties to allow bingo, but there are still 28 counties that don’t allow bingo. Fortunately, bingo is allowed in Dallas County, so you can already play, but it’s likely this would be one of the main draws at a legal Dallas casino as well.
  • Card games: Instead of playing against “The House” at the casino, Class II facilities would allow you to play card games against other players. This could include games like Caribbean Poker, Let It Ride, Casino War, or Pai Gow, where the casino would still provide a dealer to manage the game but who would not be an active player within the game.
  • Slot-style games: One of the trickiest points of casino gaming (and a heated legal debate as a gray area) is to determine what games count as “slot machines,” which are prohibited at Class II facilities but permitted at Class III venues. One of the best ways to differentiate is for these machines to be more in a bingo or pull-tab style as opposed to using a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome.


Are casinos legal in Dallas?

No, casinos are not legal in Dallas. Texas law prohibits casino gambling in the state, including Texas online gambling, though the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act allows land-based casinos to operate on tribal lands. Because none of the state’s three federally recognized tribes has land in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas law would need to change to allow casinos in the DFW area.

What are the closest casinos to Dallas?

The closest casino to Dallas is Naskila Casino, though its Livingston location will mean at least a 3.5-hour drive for most in the DFW area.

How far do I have to travel from Dallas to reach a casino?

From the Dallas area, you will need to drive around 3.5 hours to reach Naskila Casino. This is the closest option, as Kickapoo Lucky Eagle is a seven-hour drive from the DFW area, and Speaking Rock is around 10 hours away by car.

Are there any casino resorts near Dallas that offer accommodations?

No, there are no casino resorts near Dallas. The closest casino is more than three hours away from the greater Dallas area.

Are there any poker rooms at Dallas-area casinos?

No, there are no poker rooms at Dallas-area casinos. This is because Dallas does not have casinos nearby (the closest casino is more than three hours away by car) and because casinos are not allowed to run poker rooms under Texas law.