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Texas casino apps still seem a far way off given the state’s restrictive laws around Texas online gambling. In-person and online sports betting is still prohibited, and there are only three casinos in the state, all operating on tribal land.

Still, as other states relax gambling regulations, there is potential for Texas to expand betting operations during the 2025 legislative session. However, it would take considerable momentum, especially as the state’s GOP leaders remain staunchly opposed to gambling and shot down multiple proposed bills in 2023.

At BettingTX.com, our goal is to make sure all Texans are informed on the latest gambling news and educated about the impacts of betting operators around the state. To that end, we’ve prepared this piece to highlight potential Texas casino apps as well as how to gamble in a safe and responsible manner should the state expand its betting operations.

Leading expected casino apps in Texas

When the state decides to expand online gambling operations, we expect these five operators to be the leading casino apps in Texas.

Bet365 Texas Logo

bet365 Casino Texas

bet365 is a British betting operator founded in 2000 that has been steadily increasing its footprint in U.S. betting markets. In addition to online casinos, the company operates online poker, online sports betting, and online bingo games.

The app features hundreds of slot games, several of which are bet365 exclusives! You’ll also be able to find live table games, blackjack, roulette, and much more.

Borgata Casino Texas Logo

Borgata Online Casino Texas

Borgata operates its online casino as a subsidiary of the BetMGM platform. It has an expansive list of live dealer games including three-card poker, baccarat, and craps, among others.

The app is generally more preferred by Apple users than those on Android devices as reflected by their app store ratings (4.7/5 for iOS, 3.9/5 in the Google Play Store).

Caesars Palace Online Casino Texas Logo

Caesars Palace Online Casino Texas

The Caesars Palace online casino is one of the older operations on the market, rolling out the red carpet in 2013. We highly recommend utilizing the Caesars Rewards loyalty program to make the most of your casino endeavors.

Those enrolled in the program can progress through reward tiers with every dollar wagered and game played. Perks can include bonus bets/free spins, cashback, discounted/free hotel stays, room upgrades, and other shopping and entertainment benefits.

DraftKings Casino Texas Logo

DraftKings Online Casino Texas

DraftKings’ casino platform is relatively new and is an extension of the company’s online gambling empire. With roots in daily fantasy sports (DFS) evolving into a powerhouse sports betting platform, DK Casino is sure to impress.

Because of the sports background, many of their slot, blackjack, and roulette offerings will be sport-themed, including team-specific games in some locations. This could mean we’ll see Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros, or San Antonio Spurs-themed games available for Texas players!

BetMGM Casino Texas Logo

BetMGM Online Casino Texas

Finally, BetMGM is consistently among the highest-rated casino apps in all states of operation. The app features more than 450 slot games, 50+ jackpot games, virtual sports, live dealer games, and more.

Like with Caesars, BetMGM’s loyalty program is a must. We also recommend giving Slingo (a combination of slots and bingo) a try for an entertaining way to play!

No, real-money casino apps are not legal in Texas. Many forms of gambling, including TX online casinos and affiliated mobile apps, are prohibited under state law.

Because Texas’ brick-and-mortar casino options are extremely limited (three total in the state, all on tribal lands), it would likely take more retail casino expansion before online options are available. There would also be pushback from the tribes over concerns of lost revenue with players opting for a more convenient way to play instead of traveling to their facilities.

In the meantime, players are permitted to take advantage of sweepstakes casinos which do not require players to play using real money, nor are any prizes paid out in cash.

Which bills have been proposed to legalize casino apps in Texas?

Bills that would legalize casino apps in Texas have been exceedingly rare due to strong opposition to gambling expansion in the state house, state senator, and gubernatorial officials. In 2023, House Bill 2843 (which would’ve legalized retail casino gaming in Texas) and House Bill 1942 (which would’ve legalized online sports betting in the state) both failed to become a ballot initiative.

However, Bill 1942 did advance out of the House with an 82-51 vote. However, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick blocked the bills from advancing in the Senate, thus killing the bill.

How you will be able to sign up for a casino app in Texas

Once the state legalizes online casino gambling, you will be able to sign up for a casino app in Texas by following these steps.

  1. Research the available operators: When the online casino gambling launch draws closer, we will compose thorough reviews of all approved, licensed casino apps so you can find which apps are the right fit for you. These will include assessing app performance, game library volume, bonuses, rewards programs, app aesthetics, and an overall rating based on key operator metrics.
  2. Complete the registration process: Most of the time, getting signed up with an online casino operator will take 10 minutes or less. Based on the required information from other states, players should be prepared to provide their legal name, address (P.O. Boxes won’t be accepted), date of birth, phone number, email address, and the last four digits of their social security number. This information will be encrypted while sending and stored safely by the online casino.
  3. Find and download the online casino from the app store: One important area of concern here is to verify you’ve downloaded the Texas version of the app where applicable. In some cases, casinos will make their applications state-specific while others will have one app for all states of operation.
  4. Log into your account and make a deposit: While the online casino bonuses will be frequent and lucrative early on, you’ll still need to make a real-money deposit before you’ll be allowed to gamble with any bonus credits or free spins. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to use credit cards to make a deposit, so plan to use a debit card, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or online banking to fund your bankroll.
  5. Claim your bonus and start playing: Finally, after completing the above steps, find some games you enjoy and enjoy responsible gambling with your chosen platforms!

Which kinds of games will you be able to play at casino apps in Texas?

There are many kinds of games you will be able to play at casino apps in Texas once online gambling laws are amended and expanded. Here are a few of the main games we expect will be favorites for Texas players.

  • Slot machines: Whether it’s the low-end penny slots, high-minimum video slots, or progressive jackpot games, slot machines tend to account for the majority of games in an online casino’s catalog. Games can carry a wide range of thematic elements and aesthetics, and new slots are added on a monthly, if not weekly basis on many platforms.
  • Video poker: Video poker puts a twist on traditional five-card draw poker by randomly generating a five-card hand. Players then have the option to swap out at least one card from their hand; if they do, they are dealt replacement cards from the same deck. Payouts typically start with a pair of Jacks (or better) and escalate based on the difficulty of getting a winning hand.
  • Baccarat: Baccarat players work to predict which one of three outcomes for a hand has the best value, that being the closest to “9”: the player’s total, the dealer’s total, or a tie where both hands are of equal value. Wagers are locked in before any cards are dealt. Aces are worth one point, cards 2-9 match the face value of the card, and 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings all have a value of “0.”

Possible banking options at online casino apps in Texas

When signing up for an online casino app in Texas, be sure to take a look at what payment options are available. In general, sites that offer a wider range of payment avenues make both deposits and withdrawals more convenient and timely. Here are a few you’ll almost certainly be able to find.

  • Debit cards: Because debit cards are tied more directly to your bank account, they are considered to be more reputable and safer for gambling than credit cards. In fact, some credit card companies won’t allow you to use them even if the operator accepts them as a form of payment. Visa and Mastercard are the most common options, though some apps will allow you to use Discover or AMEX.
  • PayPal: PayPal has been used as a payment processor for years by online gambling operators and as such it has built up a solid reputation. PayPal is convenient to use, and online casino apps will not charge fees for moving money while using PayPal.
  • Online banking: Oftentimes the fastest way to fund your online casino account and collect your winnings is to link directly to your bank account. Transactions are completely secure, and the app will never withdraw or deposit to your bank account without your permission.

Benefits and drawbacks of casino apps vs. desktop online casinos in Texas

Both casino apps and desktop online casinos will have benefits and drawbacks to their use. Here are some of the pros and cons for each option.


  • Casino apps offer greater convenience: While your desktop saves you a trip to the casino (which in Texas can be quite the commute), casino apps will allow you to play on the go with ease. The apps will use geolocation technology to allow you to play anywhere within the state borders.
  • Casino apps have more notifications: There are few things worse than missing out on a bonus offer or seeing your credits expire. With a casino app, you can get notifications to ensure you don’t miss a beat; you’ll also be the first to know about new games and upcoming promos.
  • Casino apps offer more customization: Websites are generally static pages without the same opportunity to adjust the display to fit your needs. Apps can allow you to change the display (especially for light mode/dark mode), set preferred alerts, choose favorites, and more.


  • Casino apps can drain your battery and data in a hurry: As mentioned above, the geolocation tool that ensures you’re within Texas’ borders while playing is the key technology that allows you to play. Unfortunately, this feature also requires considerable processing power that can drain your device’s battery faster than other apps and desktop sites.
  • Casino apps require updates: When playing using an online casino site, you’ll always be playing on the latest betting software without having to wait for updates to install. If you don’t have the latest casino app updates installed, you could experience slower gameplay or the inability to play altogether.
  • Casino apps have smaller playing screens: For some online casino players, a larger screen is preferable. Tablets can help find a middle ground between a cell phone and a desktop display, but if screen size is a factor for you, it’s possible playing in that manner gets the edge.

Why should you avoid offshore casino apps?

Offshore casino apps should be avoided entirely. Here are a few reasons as to why you should only use a licensed Texas app for your online gambling activities.

  • Offshore casino apps don’t play by the rules: Licensed, legitimate casino apps must consistently report to a governing body to ensure player payouts are within approved guidelines. Offshore apps are unregulated so they do not have to provide games with a fair return-to-player rate.
  • You have no protections if there are payment issues: If you were to use an online casino app and win a large amount of money, an online casino app could say something like “This is unusual activity on your account. Your profile has been suspended indefinitely,” then refuse to pay you out, leaving you with no legal recourse to collect your winnings.
  • Offshore apps don’t have to protect your identity: Agencies that oversee online gambling operations establish guidelines for player protection so your personal and financial information is protected at all times. As you may have guessed, the offshore nature of these apps means they don’t have to comply with the same cybersecurity guidelines, putting your data at much higher risk than with a licensed app.


Can I play for free on casino apps in Texas?

Yes, you will be able to play for free on casino apps in Texas once they are available. However, this will be in the form of a “demo mode” for whichever game you’re playing. You won’t be able to win money by playing a free version of a game.

How do I claim winnings from a casino app?

Depending on the app you’re using and the amount of money you win, claiming winnings from a casino app may have some different processes. For most players, there will be an “account” button you can press in the app; then, navigate to “bankroll” or a similarly named area to view your funds, tap “withdraw” and select the amount from your account you wish to claim and your withdrawal method.

Are there any restrictions on using sweepstakes apps in Texas?

No, there are no restrictions on using sweepstakes apps in Texas. Sweepstakes apps are a safe, legitimate alternative to offshore casino apps, which should be avoided at all times.