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Texas online casino bonuses

Online casinos in Texas won’t allow you to play for real money, and it will likely be a long time before that status changes. On this page, we’ll explain why that’s the case and what Texas online casino bonuses you could expect if online casinos are permitted to operate.

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Casino gambling has been outlawed in Texas for years, and while efforts to legalize both land-based and online casinos in recent years, casinos can’t operate unless they are on tribal lands. Online casinos face a massive uphill battle, as only Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia have launched online casino gaming (Nevada allows online poker but no other games, and Rhode Island has legalized but not launched yet).

In this piece, we’ll take a look at what online casino bonuses could come to Texas if current laws change, explain how the bonuses would work once they arrive, and provide a timeline for possible Texas online gambling legislation.

Top Texas online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses aren’t yet available in Texas because online casinos haven’t been legalized in the Lone Star State. If that legal status should change, we expect these to be among the top options available.

When will Texas online casino bonuses be available to claim?

There is no timeline for when Texas online casino bonuses will be available to claim, though it would likely be at least six months after the state legalizes such forms of e-gaming. This would give the state time to establish casino operation guidelines and review operators for licensing before launching the platforms statewide.

It’s more likely that Texas would legalize land-based casinos before their online counterparts than the other way around, as casino gaming is currently prohibited outside of the operations on tribal lands. Additionally, Texas’ three tribal casinos are designated as Class II gambling facilities, meaning iconic table games like blackjack, roulette, and craps are unavailable, as are slot machines.

Texas’ state legislature meets every other year, and while a bill to legalize casino gaming was introduced in the 2023 session, that bill is on hold until at least the 2025 session. With this in mind, barring a special session, the soonest Texas could expand casino gambling (either to open other casinos or launch online operations) would be 2026, though there doesn’t seem to be strong enough legislative momentum for this to happen.

Until such time as online casinos in Texas are legalized, you’re welcome to play at a social/sweepstakes casino, as this is permitted under Texas law. Social casinos don’t require you to use real money to play and don’t offer cash prizes, so this can be a good way to practice strategies and familiarize yourself with the games that will be available after launch.

Different types of Texas online casino bonuses we expect to see

Once online casinos are permitted to operate in Texas, there are many different types of bonuses we expect to see, as the operators will want to make sure new players are winning early and often to keep playing on their sites. Here are some of the main versions you’ll see.

  • Free spins: Slot machines are the overwhelming favorite of both online casino and land-based casino patrons. According to a Forbes report, slot machines accounted for roughly 57% of casino revenue ($34.2 billion) in 2022, compared to $10 billion from table games and $7.5 billion from sports betting. Free spins allow slot users to take a chance on the reels without having to use funds from their bankroll. They are particularly common for returning players and are sometimes included as part of a welcome bonus offer.
  • Deposit matches: When funding your account, an online casino may choose to match the amount of your deposit with site credits that can be used on a variety of games. Usually, this is a 1:1 match ratio, meaning every dollar you deposit will be matched with equal credit to “double” the amount of credit in your bankroll (the credits have no cash value).
  • No-deposit bonuses: While deposit matches require you to fund your account, no-deposit bonuses are just the opposite. These are rather rare and typically are only offered after extended periods of not using the online casino platform.
  • Replay bonuses: Predominantly available as a welcome offer, replay bonuses calculate your net losses over a given time period (usually 24 hours) and award credits that match the net loss amount to be used within seven days. This can be a great way to turn losses into wins early on.
  • Loyalty bonuses: It is almost always to your advantage to enroll in an online casino’s loyalty program because the bonuses available to those in the program can be both more frequent and more lucrative than those available to non-members.

What you would need to do to claim a Texas online casino bonus

To claim a Texas online casino bonus, you would need to follow a few steps that would apply regardless of which casino you chose. They aren’t legal at the moment, but once they are, the process will look something like this:

  1. Choose where to play: As they become available, BettingTX.com will write thorough reviews of each licensed operator. These reviews will cover customer support options, game availability, platform performance and reliability, app ratings, and an overall score based on several key factors. They will also include any necessary bonus codes to maximize your signup process profitability.
  2. Set up your login credentials: After you’ve decided where to play, you will need to pick a username, email address, and password to use when logging into the online casino platform. You may also need to select and answer security questions to help protect your account.
  3. Verify your identity: Next, state law will require you to provide, at minimum, your legal first and last name, date of birth, address, phone number, and the last four digits of your social security number. This is to ensure all gambling is done by players who are of legal age and aren’t prohibited because of their job or any other disqualifying factor.
  4. Agree to the terms of use: Before you can start playing, you’ll need to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. It’s important to understand how the online casino protects your personal and financial information, and what rules you’re agreeing to when playing on the site or through the mobile app. When you’re done, click “submit” on your registration.
  5. Make a deposit and find a game to play: Lastly, you’ll need to make a real-money deposit into your account before you’re able to play. Choose your preferred deposit method and an amount that will qualify you for the welcome bonus, and with any luck, you’ll be winning big in no time!

Pros of using TX online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses can help enhance your gambling experience. Here are a few of the main pros of using TX online casino bonuses once they become available.

  • Bonuses can add to winnings or offset losses: When you use a bonus, the credits can increase your payout when used in conjunction with a real money wager by raising the profit amount. Additionally, the credits can offset a loss if you don’t tap into the funds in your bankroll to play the game(s).
  • Bonuses can make it easier to try new games: Sometimes casinos will offer title-specific bonuses around the launch of a new online slot game. In other cases, you can use the credits from the promo offer to play a new title without using real money to play (as though you were playing in “demo mode” but were still allowed to retain your winnings).
  • Bonuses can have non-gaming benefits: While the majority of online casino bonuses are tied to the games on the site, the perks from loyalty programs can extend to discounted stays at land-based casinos, merchandise/swag, travel accommodations, entertainment tickets, and more!

Wagering restrictions when using online casino bonuses in Texas

Regardless of the type of bonus and the platform you’re using, there will still be wagering restrictions in place once you are permitted to use online casino bonuses in Texas. Based on the rules in other states, we expect the following caveats to apply.

  • Age requirements: Players must be of legal age to participate (it’s highly likely Texas would require players to be 21+ to use the platform).
  • Limited usage: While some bonuses are recurring, most of the time, you’ll be limited to one bonus per player. Trying to use multiple accounts to claim a bonus will result in permanent bans and other legal penalties, as this is a form of cheating.
  • Location restrictions: Whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device to play, you’ll need to have location services on to verify you are physically located in Texas when using the online casino.
  • Promo codes: Some platforms will require promo codes to unlock the bonuses while others will make their offers accessible to anyone. This site will list sign-up bonuses and the codes needed to secure them once such offers are available.
  • Expirations: Typically, bonuses will expire seven days after issuance. Be sure to check the terms and conditions carefully so the bonuses don’t go away before you can use them.
  • Game limits: It’s possible that bonuses may only be available for certain titles or game types. For example, you may only be able to use a bonus spin on a smaller selection of games.
  • Financial limits: Online casino bonuses may require a minimum wager amount to claim or be capped at a maximum return amount.


Will Texas online casinos offer bonuses to existing players?

Yes, Texas online casinos will offer bonuses to existing players. Some bonuses will only be available to new users, but those on returning accounts won’t be one-and-done, especially if they are part of the casino’s loyalty program.

Will it be safe to play at online casinos in TX?

Yes, it will be safe to play at online casinos in TX once the state legalizes them. Online casino platforms will be regulated by a department operating as an extension of the Attorney General’s office. This could be the Texas Lottery Commission or an entirely different agency, but online gambling sites will need to go through a licensure process before they can go live in TX.

Which online casinos will offer the most attractive bonuses in Texas?

It’s hard to say which online casinos will offer the most attractive bonuses in Texas given how far off the state is from legalizing them. However, once they are available, we would expect BetMGM, BetRivers, Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel to all offer lucrative bonuses for TX gamblers.

How would potential online casino bonuses benefit Texas players?

Online casino bonuses could potentially benefit Texas players once they are permitted by enhancing the profits of a winning play. Bonus credits could also be used to try out new games without the same financial risk when played as their own stake. Also, bonuses may not be tied to the casino, meaning you could unlock discounted casino hotel stays, entertainment tickets, travel accommodations, and more.

Are there any pending bills or legislation related to Texas online casino bonuses?

No, there are no pending bills or legislative acts related to Texas online casino bonuses. Recent efforts to expand casino gambling and online sports betting were shot down in 2023, and based on the trend in other states, these forms of e-gaming would be legalized ahead of online casinos. If new bills are introduced, we will post details in the “News” section of this site and will update this page accordingly.